6th Man Movers

Project Overview

In an effort to improve operational efficiency and transparency, 6th Man Movers hired us to build them a mobile web app for their crew leaders; to lead them through the process, verify compliance, and increase visibility for the operations office. For the operations dashboard, we built a real-time mapping and status interface showing the operations staff where each crew is on the map, and a detailed job status. Each job is thoroughly estimated utilizing Google Maps for driving estimates which are updated regularly, to show operations where teams are ahead of, or behind schedule, and deliver an up to date estimate on when the job will be complete.


This application was custom built using MongoDB and Node.js as the real-time engine that manages API access and the socket streams. The front-end was built in React without an additional state management library. The architecture of the system is enterprise-scale, with automated builds and deployment, separate environments, and cloud-based infrastructure.

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